a simple to use open game engine
- with advance capabilities

using the power from Ogre3d
Ageia PhysX - OpenAL

frenetic tech demo game
- Monkeys in the Dark

Monster Engine v 1.0
- Monkeys in the Dark

Game Design - Lua scripting - Tools - Webadmin

Erik Johansson : ejevik@hotmail.com Mail me for more info about the project and releases

Engine/Game Programming - Lua scripting

Magnus Ekström : morkano@gmail.com

Tommy Olofsson : tommy_olofsson_@hotmail.com

Markus Persson : luftkylt@hotmail.com

Sound Engine Programming

Joel Jonasson : jollparr@gmail.com

3D/2D Graphics

Sebastian Camitz : sebastian.camitz@gmail.com

Kalle Wirén : kalle_wiren@hotmail.com

Music and Sound Effects

Markus Lignell : meli05@student.bth.se

Jan Senbom : jase05@student.bth.se

Samuel Cremona :sacr05@student.bth.se

Monster Engine 2007 www.monsterengine.org
webadmin ejevik@hotmail.com
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