a simple to use open game engine
- with advance capabilities

using the power from Ogre3d
Ageia PhysX - OpenAL

frenetic tech demo game
- Monkeys in the Dark

Monster Engine v 1.0
- Monkeys in the Dark

Monster Engine is a powerfull open source (under the LGPL license) game engine that uses the strength from Ogre3D in graphic rendering, PhysX for advance and realistic physic, LUA for scripting, TinyXML as object defines and OpenAL to create cool sound enviroments in your game.

Using this engine you will be able to build impressive games of your own or by its user freindlyness the engine is perfect for using in education purpose.

What we have done to show off the engines capabilities is a first person shooter tech demo called Monkeys in the dark. It is fast paced action game where we show you what can be done using the Monster Engine. For more information about the tech demo take a look in the Monkeys in the Dark section.


  • Module/Object based build-up, simple to add your own modules or exchange ours
  • Easy script interface throw LUA
  • Level/World objects defines in XML
  • Because the use of Ogre3d full support for Normal mapping or other advance shaders capabilities
  • Deferred Shading
  • Advance physic capabilities with Ageia PhysX in a easy way
  • True high-fidelty sound performance
  • A god choice for larger to smaller game production or in education purpose
  • Well documented C++ code and Lua script bindings

Additional Dependencies

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/200x compatible computer, other OS is not directly supported.
  • Ogre3d SDK
  • OpenAL SDK
  • Ageia PhysX SDK
  • Project file only for Micorsoft Visual Studio 2003
Monster Engine 2007 www.monsterengine.org
webadmin ejevik@hotmail.com
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