a simple to use open game engine
- with advance capabilities

using the power from Ogre3d
Ageia PhysX - OpenAL

frenetic tech demo game
- Monkeys in the Dark

Monster Engine v 1.0
- Monkeys in the Dark

Information about how to use Monster Engine is located on the project Wiki so if you are interesting go and visit.

Click to goto the Monster Engine Wiki

Source Documentation

The source code documentation is generated by DoxyGen.

Source Code Documentation

LUA Bindings Documentation

We have use a self made documentation system for LUA bindings for the engine. Only the Engine bindings are documented here no binds for our tech demo game, to get those you are need to read the direct documentation in the demo source code.

The documents are static and not editable directly from the site, but by time (a mySQL config question) a active version will be posted and you will be able to add, edit and remove documentated bindings.

LUA Documentation

LUA Binding Highlighter Notepad++

This highlighter is for you if you are a user of editprogram Notpad++. If you not take this in consider. It will colorcode all our LUA bindings to the engine, and some of game bindings and standard variable names that we are using, and of coures it will also highlight ordinary LUA script syntax.

Monster Engine LUA Notepad ++ highlighter (Right click and choose Save As)

How to activate the hightlighter

1. Open Windows main menu,(Click "Start") and choose "Run", in the input field type (or paste in) %APPDATA%\Notepad++ and then click ok.

2. Copy userDefineLang.xml to the directory.

3. Now if you start Notepad++ a new language will be able for use, in the bottom of the long list, Monster Engine

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