a simple to use open game engine
- with advance capabilities

using the power from Ogre3d
Ageia PhysX - OpenAL

frenetic tech demo game
- Monkeys in the Dark

Monster Engine v 1.0
- Monkeys in the Dark

The main gameplay in Monkeys in the Dark is to kill monkey like creatures, but to give som substance in this "orginal" idee the gameplay depends on the light sources in the level.

As player you need the light to charge your weapon, and thats the hitch, the light goes on and off when a new wave of enemies spawns.

By this you as player need to find where its lightup on the level to get the power for your weapon to kill all the attacking monkeys. Just stand where is light and your weapon will charge, and when you shoot it drains. As a simple it can be.


  • Intense creepy aracde gameplay in current gen graphic
  • The new techinc of dynamic sound
  • Deferred shading gives the opportunity to use a very large amount of dynamic lights
  • Disortion shaders and bloom
  • Full normal mapped envioroment, objects and characters
  • Scripted AI in LUA
  • Dynamic soundtrack
  • Hard rocking sound effects


  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/200x compatible computer, other OS is not directly supported.
  • OpenAL
  • Ageia PhysX Drivers
  • Nvidia graphic card (ATI cards not working correctly yet)
  • As much computer power you can get
Monster Engine 2007 www.monsterengine.org
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