a simple to use open game engine
- with advance capabilities

using the power from Ogre3d
Ageia PhysX - OpenAL

frenetic tech demo game
- Monkeys in the Dark

Monster Engine v 1.0
- Monkeys in the Dark

Dynamic Sound

The engine includes the sound engine auPro, this sound engine has the abbility to work with the physic engine and create sound effects from collision and friction data.

We call them dynamic sounds and is a totaly new experience if you compare them to static sounds.

The engine creates sound effects from tiled sound samples and with a algrithm in real time creates a relistic sound for the collision and friction for the object.

Movie example - Dynamic Sound (ca 8 Mb)

Deferred Shading

We using a special rendering technic that gives the opertunity to includes a large amount of light source on the scenery this is call defeerd shading. Insted of calculate and rendering all light data for objects in a scene separate this technic adds the object in a bounch and calculates for all object in the scene on the same timer.

You can see this technic in its full glory in our tech demo game Monkeys in the Dark or in current/next-gen AAA titles.

Movie example - Deferred Shading (ca 11 Mb)

Advance Physic

The engine is a easy interface for the advance physic engine Ageia PhysX.

Movie example - Advance Physics (ca 9 Mb)


The engine package includes our own written shaders, a example of that is the distortion shader, that modified the pixels dependen on a normal mapping kind of texture.

Movie example - Distortion Shader (ca 9 Mb)

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